​ “Public health is the ability to improve the lives and health of folks from a systemic and structural viewpoint as opposed to just looking at individuals and all of their problems within one room.”  Jeremy Lapedis, DrPH, Harvard University

About Dr. Jill Diana

" Translating public health research into effective policies, programs, and initiatives that dramatically improve individual and population health. "

Jill D. Chasse, DrPH, PhD, MPS, MSpsy is a dedicated public health practitioner, published author and experienced health scientist/clinical epidemiologist with strengths in global maternal-child
health and disease prevention and control. 

"My focus is on preventing, promoting and protecting the health of the public through health literacy, medical research, and program development. I have over a decade of experience in reproductive health, research and education, behavioral science and both field and managerial epidemiology."

With skills and education in management, clinical care and mental health, Dr. Chasse is uniquely qualified for the multitasking balance of both health science and program management.  Her education in psychology and experience in community service, volunteering, lecturing and teaching exemplify her skills in communication and leadership. She has superior interpersonal skills and has worked in many environments as a clinician, instructor, leader, analyst and manager.

Currently, Dr. Chasse is a Public Health Advisor on a contract with the CDC at the Newark Airport Quarantine station, and an adjunct Professor at William Paterson University. While in the Washington DC area, Dr. Chasse worked on mulktiple federal contracts, including NIH/NICHD, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, TRICARE and the US Department of Health and Human Services.  She has taught classes, workshops, and lectures across the US and Canada, including APPPAH at Asilomar in California, St Barnabas in NJ, Midwifery Care Associates in OK, The Maternity Center in MD, and the University of Delaware.

She enjoys the ocean, travel, writing, horses, skiing and being a mom.  She currently  lives in Northern NJ with her family.

SME/MSL areas; maternal/child health, woman’s health, reproductive health, prev med, ID, neonatology, pediatrics, obstetrics, LGBT, psychology, grief / bereavement, field/applied epidemiology , PMADs, maternal/perinatal mortality

Industry Knowledge: Epidemiology, Medical  Education,  Program Development, Contract Management, Government, Healthcare Management, Public Administration, Portfolio Management, Community Outreach, Health Communication, Health Literacy, Science Communication, Managerial Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, Medical Affairs

William Paterson University Faculty Profile
With advanced training in the five core areas of public health: social and behavioral health, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, and health systems, Dr. Chasse examines the practice of population-based public health interventions that respond to dynamic, ecological, and human-based systems, developing competency in public health research, teaching, and community practice and applies translational and implementation science findings.

Feedback from the Field....

"Dr. Chasse has shown her curiosity and resourcefulness in several ways. While working as a special research volunteer in our Branch, she also took the initiative to meet with colleagues in our Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch to learn about the scientific priorities they support and to obtain guidance on her career trajectory. She is clearly knowledgeable in many aspects of the public health field and came to us with many strengths in this area. However, she took the initiative to pursue the training and education necessary to strengthen her skills, heighten her awareness and knowledge of critical issues in the field and to pursue opportunities that would allow her to make a difference in the lives of children and families."
Valerie Maholmes, Ph.D., CAS
Chief, Pediatric Trauma and Critical Illness Branch
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health

"Dr. Chasse has a strong background in public health and is skilled at teaching content to students and helping them apply the information to their behavior."
Dr. Jean Levitan, Professor
William Paterson University

"Dr. Chasse has proven several times to me and my colleagues in the WRAIR OCID course that she is reliable, determined, personable and intelligent. I would recommend her for any position that meets her qualifications and experience"

LTC Kristopher Paolino, MD, MTM&H, FACP
Infectious Disease Staff

Chief, Clinical Trials Center
Translational Medicine Branch
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

"Dr. Chasse was an NIH Special Volunteer for more than a year with the Child Development and Behavior Branch at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. She was of significant help in the Branch, doing things such as literature searches and reviews and research portfolio analyses. Her budget background made her a real asset to the branch, in addition to her background in child development which was the actual basis of our having her accepted into the branch. We regretted not having an employment opportunity for her here, and were sorry to see her Special Volunteer status end.
She is a reliable and very hard working individual."
Peggy McCardle, PhD, MPH
Branch Chief ,Child Development and Behavior Branch
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health

​​"Jill Chasse is someone who impressed me from the very first interactions with her. She is motivated and hard working, independent, yet works well in a team, and very capable of performing any task placed before her. She always took it upon herself to go above and beyond her required work and made an effort to be a leader in the class through her encouraging and helpful comments to others. Jill was a superior student and I am sure she would be an asset to any organization." 
Elizabeth Harper, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Capella University